Why can't I get rid of this goddamned fat?

You know how it goes: you finally muster up the will to eat healthy, stick to your workout plan and make an effort to lead a fairly healthy lifestyle (let's just forget about the occasional cold one with the boys...). And yet, that unsightly muffin top just won't disappear? Then, boy, do we have the article for you because the most fattening food habits are harder to sniff out than you would think!

Quickly prepared - even quicker on the hips

As we all know, ready-made food can be really tasty, but highly toxic to the body. Industrially processed foods generally contain way too much salt, sugar, food coloring, and aromas. (Artificial) aromas make things taste great, but they also make the feeling of fullness set in a lot later than usual. This leaves you prone to overfeeding.

And as if that weren't bad enough, emulsifying agents, sugar, stabilizers and the likes, make sure that the nutrients in your ready-made food enter your bloodstream quicker. This process perfectly sets up your next binge-eating attack due to your fluctuating blood sugar levels.

The moral of the story being: those extra couple of minutes spent cooking a proper dish can go a long way,

Commitment issues - irregular meals will mess up your shape

Amidst the stress of everyday life, back-to-back appointments, your phone ringing off the hook - it' not easy to fit in a substantial lunch break and regular meal times throughout the day.
That's where you're wrong, kiddo: casual snacks, that you would passively chow down in front of the TV or computer don't really make you feel full (which opens the door for the munchies) plus you're not really aware how many calories you are ingesting.
Therefore: allow yourself 30-minute food breaks per meal - your stomach will thank you!

Not to be taken lightly - the misconception of "lite" products

Sure, we all occasionally crave a cold glass of sweet sodas. And when we do indulge, keeping our physique in mind, we go for the lite version. Unfortunately, that's not a great idea. Because the artificial sweeteners contained in these drinks play tricks on your system and cause nasty stomach rumblings. The brain, in a rather brainless move, reacts to the incoming sweetness by preparing the stomach for a larger calorie intake, sending out "HUNGER!" signals. Next thing you know, you're wolfing down the nearest snack you could find.

So what can you do?

If it's really about the taste, try a glass of (tap) water with some lemon (juice or slice) in it - that'll set you on the path to your dream body in no time.