Breaking it down: Fact or fiction?

So you've been busting your ass in the gym and still aren't seeing results? You're sweating buckets but your abs still aren't coming in? Then look no further, because we're here to debunk the 5 biggest falsehoods about your muscles!

More is more - The more you hit the gym, the more results you'll see?

You work out 5 days a week? Well, that might be a good look for your Instagram stories or help you pick up ladies, but it's not great for your muscles. Why is that? Your body needs regular refractory periods. Without them, you're basically destroying your hard-earned muscle cells during workouts.
So keep in mind: Take a break, your muscles will thank you for it by getting huge.

Are you doing too much?

Although certain things in life can never be done too often, it is important to keep your reps to no more than 12. Matter of fact, it's a lot more important to reduce body fat. Yeah, we know you hate hearing this, but your muscles will only really start to get toned through weight loss. And by the way, the quickest way to achieve results is by cutting out simple carbohydrates and saturated fats. Well then, what are you waiting for? Grab a shake!

Crunch Time - Sit-ups make your gut disappear?

Speaking of burning fat: You can't isolate which areas to burn fat from. No matter how many sit-ups you do, they won't specifically target fat reduction. The same applies here: reduce your body fat and you will soon be able to enjoy looking at the muscles that lie beneath it.

Carnal lust - Muscles need chicken, steaks, etc.?

It tastes good and it's the only way for you to achieve gains? The first part may be true, but you can very well achieve your workout goals without animal protein. Even vegetarians and vegans can become beefcakes without it. Whether it's steak, lentils or dairy products - the nature of your protein does not play a (huge) part in your muscle growth!

Equality? Where? - Do women have to train differently from men?

Right? No. This is downright false. While hormones in the female body are responsible for women having to work harder for muscle development, the ground rules always remain the same. Frequent and persistent training, recovery periods and a customized diet - that's the right track for both him and her!