Performance & Training


We do not only pay attention to high-quality ingredients and the right effect of our products. What counts most is honest training, sustained muscle build-up, and real fitness. There are no excuses for that. We can't take the hard work off your shoulders. We would like to make that clear. But with the right supplement, effective nutrition and a focus on your goal, we can do it together.


These are the most important ingredients for your performance. We have worked hard on our formula to speed up the process. There's more to you than you think. To us as well.





Quality. Individuality.
No bullshit.

When it comes to protein, creatine, amino acids, boosters, BCAA, fatty acids, whey, zinc and your energy, it's only contents that count.


The difference is quickly apparent in the ingredients. Many other products just give you information on the label of their packaging. They are just empty shells and don't reveal much about their composition, but they market themselves as sports food.


Our focus lies on quality, individuality, and integrity. Transparency plays an important role in this: We provide precise information on all supplement ingredients. Our motto in everything we do is: No bullshit.


Got that
in the bag.

Each bag contains extensively tested ingredients from well-proven and certified suppliers. Only the best comes through, all the unnecessary ingredients are tossed out. That is why we do not need any made-up active ingredients or pseudo-innovations. Real results for you are the best marketing for us. We founded TOOSHAPED as a young and innovative label for supplements and sports nutrition. We are proud to work in Austria, to produce in Central Europe and to develop, test and improve everything from one source. Ongoing quality control by us and our suppliers is our top priority. We're even tougher here than in the gym.


We ourselves know how important it is that the performance balance of sports nutrition intake in energy and for building muscles as well as defining and losing weight must be right. The sustainable results of TOOSHAPED speak for themselves.

The shortcut
to your dream body
goes through the gym.

You got
We got you.

Anyone working on muscle development, endurance training, and a fat burning diet expects a real performance. That's what you earned. Therefore we push the quality and effect in these areas even further. Our products are suitable for hard-working athletes and absolute beginners with big plans. We make it possible for anyone to reach every individual goal. TOOSHAPED supplements and sports nutrition are ideal for pre-workout, post-workout as well as recovery and endurance and competitive use.


Our shop will show you everything you need: Effective proteins from whey? Check. Creatine, amino acids and a little something for fat loss? We have that. CLA, vitamins, magnesium, and zinc? It's all there. The TOOSHAPED online shop offers a targeted, highly effective range of supplements for everyday needs. You lift the weights, we raise your standards.