TOOSHAPED is a young and innovative brand that produces supplements for all crossfitters, bench pressers, weightlifters, endurance junkies, marathon runners and calisthenics professionals. For amateurs, athletes and all those who are still working on their goals.


TOOSHAPED was born out of the motivation to offer a range of supplements that are high quality and effective without presenting itself as the holy grail of nutritional supplements. We like to be able to keep our promises. What else are we here for if not to push ourselves? Our brand stands for quality, individuality, and integrity. The real results achieved through TOOSHAPED speak for themselves.

We're about honest training which means there are no excuses, just hard work. We have our work cut out for us too and with our support, you will reach your goal faster.


Each package packs a seriously powerful punch. And without having to compromise: we do without any kind of unnecessary ingredients. Only the best ingredients are used. We do not need made-up active ingredients and pseudo-innovations. Only premium, elaborately tested ingredients from certified suppliers go into our pouch! Our products are suitable for hard-working athletes as well as for absolute beginners with big plans. That's the motto in everything we do: No bullshit.


We believe in training, the human body, the hustle and therefore: in you. Because there's more to you than you think. Set your goals high, work hard and be proud of your achievements! Our premium products are always at your side - from your first pull-up to your best sports performance to your dream body. The power is in you at all times. If you have the drive to improve, we will give you the right tools.


In collaboration with experts in medicine, sports science and nutrition, we have designed our products for real life, not for flexing. We rely on tested ingredients and therefore all our products are produced and controlled according to international safety standards.

You can rely on us 100% - we set great challenges for ourselves to push ourselves further. We can't train for you, but we can help you do it big.

If we can do that and you feel the desire to grow beyond yourself, we can do no wrong.

We are TOOSHAPED. We are the next level of supplements. We go further. We meet the challenges. We want to improve your workout. We hustle hard. We pump until our bodies give out. We lift until we're as hard and defined as sculptures. We run faster than a lambo. We flex our muscles, not the other way around. We live in beast mode. We'll work until things look different. Until we look different. We focus. We fight. We win. We lose. We never stay down. We keep you fit. We stay healthy. We are honest. We push you. We go further where others fall off. Too good of shape is not a real thing. In Bod We Trust.